Shade is one of the key steps to being SunSmart and decreasing the risk of getting skin cancer.

Built sunshade in six New Zealand public spaces - 2016 research

New Zealand has the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Internationally, the provision and use of shade is considered a key strategy in the prevention of skin cancer, but there has been little research undertaken on how well shade canopies in public spaces provide UVR protection for their users... Read more...

Cancer Society of New Zealand

The Cancer Society of New Zealand developed a resource that provides recommendations and considerations for shade provision.  Although it is an older document it remains relevant today.

Download the resource - NZ Undercover Guidelines for Shade Planning and Design.

Cancer Council Victoria, Australia

Cancer Council Victoria's has a very good 2015 Shade Guideline resource.  These guidelines can be used to increase availability of quality shade in your community.

They also have a free shade audit tool which enables users to assess the quality and need for shade at various sites within Australia.

Learn more about the Australian shade audit tool

Shade audit software tool

An Australian company, WebShade, has  a ShadeAudit software tool, called Check Your Risk, that you can purchase.

Check Your Risk helps communities, including schools, make sure that their outdoor play areas are sun safe. You can:

  • check the risk of exposure to UV radiation during outdoor activities
  • consider options to reduce that risk
  • keep rechecking the risk until it is reduced.

View the Check Your Risk demonstration