Shade is one of the key steps to being SunSmart to decrease your risk of getting skin cancer.

Shade is a practical, easy-to-access form of sun protection.

Shade can be:

  • natural (shadow from trees, shrubs, or nearby buildings)
  • built (pergolas, shade sails, awnings)
  • portable (umbrellas).

For the best sun protection, use all the SunSmart steps - Slip, Slop, Slap, and Wrap.

Shade resources

Built sunshade in six New Zealand public spaces - 2016 research

Some research was undertaken in 2016 that looked at public shade canopies in six different locations. The findings gave insights into:

  • the process of designing and building the canopies
  • how people use the shade
  • the level of protection from UV radiation the canopies give
  • possible future designs for public spaces in New Zealand that include effective shade.

Read the research

Read a PDF of the research [11.4MB]

Cancer Society of New Zealand

The Cancer Society of New Zealand released a resource in 2000 that provides recommendations and considerations for shade provision.  Although it is an older document many of its principles remain relevant today.

Download the resource - NZ Undercover Guidelines for Shade Planning and Design.

Cancer Council Victoria, Australia

Cancer Council Victoria's has a good 2015 Shade Guideline resource.  These guidelines can be used to increase availability of quality shade in your community.

They also have a free shade audit tool which enables users to assess the quality and need for shade at various sites within Australia.

Learn more about the Australian shade audit tool