Cancer Society and skin cancer prevention

Cancer Society

Cancer Society New Zealand aims to reduce the incidence and impact of cancer. 

New Zealand's Skin Cancer Prevention Programme

In New Zealand, the prevention of skin cancer and the promotion of sun safety is led by the Cancer Society of New Zealand , Te Aho o Te Kahu Cancer Control AgencyMelanoma NZ, and the Melanoma Network of New Zealand Incorporated (MelNet).

Since 1993, activities have been promoted under the SunSmart brand.

Other organisations and professionals working in this area include: 

New Zealand Skin Cancer Primary Prevention and Early Detection Strategy 2017 to 2022

This five year Strategy identifies five intervention pathways for reducing the incidence and impact of skin cancer:

  • primary prevention
  • early detection
  • diagnosis and treatment
  • rehabilitation support and palliative care, and
  • research, evaluation and surveillance.

The focus of the Strategy is on primary prevention and the early detection pathways.

The Strategy includes an up-to-date analysis of the epidemiology of skin cancer in New Zealand and discussion of the risk factors for skin cancer, evidence based interventions to reduce exposure to UV radiation that causes harm and the importance of early diagnosis.

Download New Zealand Skin Cancer Primary Prevention and Early Detection Strategy 2017 to 2022 (PDF 1.15MB).

In March 2017 Te Hiringa Hauora|Health Promotion Agency, in partnership with MelNet, released this five year Strategy on-line (2017 to 2022).

Two supporting documents were finalised by HPA in February 2017 for core group members - an agency outputs diagram and an indicators table.