UVNZ app

Know when to protect your skin using the free UVNZ app

The UV Index (UVI) can guide you on when to use sun protection based on your current location; download the free UVNZ app on your smartphone for when you're on the go. 

The app provides forecasts of the UV index (UVI) at various locations throughout Aotearoa. If the UVI is 3 or above, your skin can be damaged, so protection is required.

The app uses data from NIWA Taihoro Nukurangi to let you know when you need to use sun protection for your location.

You need to check the UVNZ app even when it's overcast, as UV radiation can still get through cloud. The UVI can still be 3 or over on a cloudy day.

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 Features of the app

  • Tells you the current UV Index (UVI) levels at various locations throughout NZ
  • Shows how the UVI level can change through the day
  • Shows how what time of day you need to use sun protection 
  • Can be personalised depending on your skin type and the clothing you are wearing.

So do yourself a favour, take the guesswork out of sun protection and download the UVNZ smartphone app today. 


About the UV Index (UVI)

The UV Index gives a measure of the strength of the Sun's rays. When the UVI is 3 or above though the course of any day, we need to be SunSmart and Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap

If the UVI is low (1-2), this generally means it’s safe to be outdoors unprotected unless you spend a lot of time outside. UVI levels where sun protection is necessary are: moderate (3–5), high (6–7), very high (8–10) and extreme (11+). During the New Zealand summers, UVI regularly reaches over 12, whereas in much of the winter months UVI is below 3.  

Damage to unprotected fair skin can occur in less than 15 minutes when UVI is 12, and within approximately 60 minutes when UVI is 3.