SunSmart training for nurses

The Skin Cancer Prevention and Early Detection module supports the early protection and prevention of skin cancer.

Released in 2017, the module includes the recommended steps nurses can take if a patient expresses concern and/or you are concerned about a suspicious skin lesion.

The module takes about 45 minutes to complete and comprises:

  • information on the current burden of skin cancer in New Zealand (slide 3 to 8)
  • understanding UV radiation (slide 9 to 16)
  • best practice steps for sun protection (slip, slop, slap and wrap) (slide 17 to 28)
  • ways to ensure sufficient vitamin D (slide 29 to 34)
  • early detection of skin cancer (slide 35 to 45) – includes what nurses need to do about assessment, referral, documentation and follow-up
  • types of skin cancer (identification) (slide 46 to 49).

The Nursing Council advises that the slide show can be counted as professional development hours.  You just need to record it, write a bit on your learning and have a senior nurse or a colleague who participated with you, confirm your participation.