Become a SunSmart School

Becoming a SunSmart School is easy, simply:

  • Email to express your interest in the SunSmart School programme. 
  • Your local Cancer Society will be in touch to support you to develop and submit your school's sun protection policy.
    • Sun protection policies and funding application templates are available here 
  • If you prefer, you can also print the application form and attach your sun protection policy. Please send it to your send it to your local Cancer Society centre by email or post.

Accredited schools are offered a SunSmart Schools Accreditation Certificate and a sign for the school building or gate. Some local Cancer Society offices also offer SunSmart hats, sunscreen, seedling trees, and an UV index board.

Free resources can be found here and tips for implementation can be found here

Minimum criteria for SunSmart Schools Accreditation

  • The sun protection policy is implemented during terms 1 and 4 or whenever ultraviolet index (UVI) levels are 3 or higher. You can check when sun protection is required your area here or access UVI levels through the UVNZ app
  • All staff, students and whānau are aware of the sun protection policy.
  • All students wear broad-brimmed (minimum 7.5cm brim), legionnaire or bucket hats (minimum 6cm brim) when outside.
  • Students not wearing a hat are required to play in allocated shade areas (some students and staff may be exempt from wearing a sunhat due to cultural or religious beliefs).
  • The school has sufficient shade or is considering how to increase shade where it is lacking (built and/or natural shade).
  • If no shade is available when outdoors, staff need to consider rescheduling outdoor activities to early morning or late afternoon when UVR is less intense.
  • Use of a water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF30 is encouraged.
  • The use of clothing that covers as much skin as possible is encouraged (eg sleeves and collars).
  • Staff act as role models by practicing SunSmart behaviours.
  • The students learn about the harmful effects of UVR and the need for sun protection through SunSmart education programmes.
  • Sun protection measures are considered when planning all outdoor activities and during excursions (eg camps, excursions, sporting events).
  • School management/staff monitor and review the effectiveness of the sun protection policy at least every three years and revise the policy when required.